Stop Selling! (and double your revenues)


Stop Selling! (And double your revenues)

What are the first 5 words your clients think of, when they think of selling? Case closed.


Stop doing anything that feels like any of the words that came to mind above.

Recognize to change your results…you need to change your thinking

Clarify how you can better answer the 5 Critical Questions your clients require

Learn how to stop traditional selling & move to SWI instead

Discover the easiest & most profitable way to find new clients

Reserve your seat on a live, free webinar, and Tom will answer your toughest sales questions as part of this program.

So who is Canada’s Sales Coach?

For 25 years the largest companies in Canada have been referring Canada’s Sales Coach to each other. Air Canada, IBM, KPMG, Royal Bank, Direct Energy, RBC Insurance, TEC, MCAP, Canadian Tire Financial Services, Rogers, GE, have all hired and then referred Tom to his next client. Tom specializes in coaching professionals in acquiring and retaining more clients. How? He has them become better prepared by helping them learn much more quickly from their experience. His approach has led to one client claiming a $20 million increase in sales as a result of using his coaching and sales philosophy (Public Disclosure: most of his clients hire him for 10 days or more).