Super Charged Networking


We are finishing this year with another very special webinar, with the topic which we discussed on many occasions – networking. We talked about the importance of networking, but now we are going to talk about some of its best strategies and how to implement them.

Our guest is Jack Smagala, from Canada, with over 20 years of experience in sales and marketing. Jack specializes in quickly and efficiently making new contacts – both personally and professionally where he has developed a system for leveraging these connections into profitable relationships. Lives and breathes, and thoroughly enjoys meeting new people while connecting them with others and opportunities that he are in his network. Attending as many as 125 trade shows, networking events, conferences and seminars per Calendar year, he is known as the POWER CONNECTOR.

Jack has become influential in not only his community but also UCAN (Uco-sit) a group of 27 member European Union Chambers of Commerce that represent over 10000 members. His approach is based on Service model that ask the question ” How can I help you” He will go into detail and explain how that simple question will open the door to opportunities, meeting new people and ultimately convert to profitable business and personal relationships for you.

So, who is this for?

The Entrepreneur who is looking for a system that gives him/her the ability to meet people at almost any event and in any situation. The work from home (remotely based) consultant who is looking to grow their network without having to knock on doors or attend multiple events. Anyone who is shy at meeting people (breaking the ICE) in both professional and personal situations – and would like to exponentially grow their network with simple strategies that are tested and WORK. The networker who in his know in his field, city or company and wants to expand his reach globally or just grow it significantly.

What will you learn?

Jack will describe many recent success stories where he has connected friends – colleagues who asked for help with employment, personal relationships, exotic cars and luxury homes and how those connections have turned into profitable relationships for him. The 5 biggest mistakes people make when meeting someone for the first time – we all do them or have done them and Jack has done them all. Will show you how to prepare a Positioning statement (elevator speech) and when, where and how to use it. Go from Introvert to Extrovert. You already network – Jack with identity the things you already do and the Top Ten things you can do Today to build your Brand, a larger Stronger network and become more influential. By becoming a Super Networker, you will learn How to Help people with their needs, assist them with your contacts to solve their problems, open yourself up to new opportunities and ultimately build long term profitable relationships that will make you more money. Be exposed and ready for the hidden job market where a significant amount of new contracts and positions are awarded to People in the ‘LOOP’ that are known to be well connected and excellent networkers.
Jack Smagala